School Safety Plan & Daily Health Check

COVID Updates

Our COVID safety guidelines include some previously existing measures and some changes to what we experienced last school year.  

The following safety measures will be in place at HSS: 

  • Everyone is reminded to stay home when sick, and this applies to students, staff, and all adults 
  • Parents and guardians are reminded to assess their children daily for illness before sending them to school - the daily health check app remains available 
  • Increased hand hygiene will be embedded in the daily class routines, including at all entrances to schools
  • Everyone is asked to practice respiratory etiquette 
  • HSS staff and students (including on the bus) are required to wear non-medical masks when indoors (there will be some exceptions to mask-wearing for eating, instructional purposes, when behind a barrier, and for mask intolerance)
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection will continue in all facilities

Changes to the safety guidelines include: 

  • Students will not be placed into learning group cohorts
  • Physical distancing is no longer required (students will be reminded to respect personal space and staff will be using space available to spread out as much as possible) 
  • We are making plans to reduce crowding at pick up and drop off time, transitions, and manage the flow of people in common areas, including hallways 
  • Regional community safety guidelines for gatherings and events will be followed
  • HSS buses will return to regular seating and onloading / offloading practices 
  • Intra- and inter-school programs, activities (e.g. intramurals, athletic practices and games, clubs), sports academies, and events will resume 
  • Visitors (including parents and guardians) will be asked to make appointments and will have to follow all school safety protocols when inside the school
  • Field Trips and fundraisers may resume

Please note any guideline changes due to evolving COVID circumstances will be communicated with the HSS community. 

If you have any health-related questions, please call 811.