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Learning another language helps students: strengthen their problem-solving, reasoning and creative thinking skills, develop their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, increase their competitiveness in an increasingly global job market and enhance their first-language and overall literacy skills. Our language department is offering French and Spanish as a second language as well as French immersion


Courses offered are:

Introduction to Spanish and Spanish 11

French as a second language 10, 11 and 12

French immersion: all six mandatory courses to graduate with a Dual Dogwood.


French Immersion

The major goal of French Immersion is to provide the opportunity for non-francophone students to become bilingual in English and French.  Bilingualism is achieved by providing instruction of the basic curriculum entirely in French during the first years. Once a firm base in French has been established, instruction in English language arts is added, and instruction in the English language gradually increases. Students continue to receive instruction in certain subjects in French so that proficiency is achieved in both languages by the end of Grade 12. At Howe Sound School we offer three French Immersion courses in Grade10, two in Grade 11 and one in Grade 12.



Développer vos habiletés auditives en français!

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