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Staff Contacts

Boisvert, E. [email protected]
Vice Principal  
Dallman, D. [email protected]
Jazic, T. [email protected]
Teaching Staff  
Best, S. [email protected]
Beswick, A. [email protected]
Boisvert, N. [email protected]
Booth, F. [email protected]
Borsoff, E. (Sea to Sky Online) [email protected]
Boudin, R. [email protected]
Brandt, C. [email protected]
Brucculieri, D. [email protected]
Carter, B. (Sea to Sky Online) [email protected]
Cormack, K. [email protected]
Craver, B. [email protected]
Crawford,K. [email protected]
Currier, K. [email protected]
Davis, T. [email protected]
D'Esterre, L. [email protected]
DePodesta, J. [email protected]
Diehl, D. [email protected]
Eidsvik, E. [email protected]
Epelbaum, O. [email protected]
Flynn, L. [email protected]
Hoskin, N. [email protected]
Imbeau, T. [email protected]
Johnson, P. [email protected]
Kirkpatrick, M. [email protected]
Lafreniere, H. [email protected]
Lafreniere, M. [email protected]
Lewis. H. [email protected] 
McJannet, K. [email protected]
Miller, B. [email protected]
Moores, A. [email protected]
Mortensen, T.  [email protected]
Peleman, L. [email protected]
Perrin, M. (Sea to Sky Online) [email protected]
Quiring, A. [email protected]
Roy M. [email protected]
Schenk, V. [email protected]
Shea, G. [email protected]
Shore, E. [email protected]
Stanford, K. [email protected]
Sutherland, J. [email protected]
van der Werff, E. [email protected]
Verbeek, H. [email protected]
Walker, C. [email protected]
Way, K. [email protected]
Weaver, C. [email protected]
Wheatley, B. [email protected]
Yeung-Meadows, B. [email protected]
Zaron, M. [email protected]
Scramstad, H. [email protected]
Stacey, D. [email protected]
Watson, M. [email protected]
Career Programs  
Daguerre, R. [email protected]
Schenk, V. [email protected]
Education Assistants  
Buxton, M. [email protected]
Levesque, M. [email protected]
Haras, J [email protected]
Maginot, N. [email protected]
First Nations Support  
Hamill, J. [email protected]
Moore, J. [email protected]