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Staff Contacts and Webpages

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Boisvert, E.
Vice Principal  
Dallman, D.
Jazic, T.
Teaching Staff  
Bendle, N. (Sea to Sky Online)
Best, S
Beswick, A.
Boudin, R.
Boisvert, N.
Booth, F.
Brandt, C.
Carter, B. (Sea to Sky Online)
Cormack, K.
Craver, B.
D'Esterre, L
DePodesta, J.
Diehl, D.
Epelbaum, O.
Flynn, L.
Geller, D.
Harwood, J.
Hoskin, N.
Imbeau, T.
Johnson, P
Kirkpatrick, M.
Lafreniere, H.
Lafreniere, M.
McCormick, G.
McJannet, K.
Mortensen, T.
Peleman, L.
Putnam, S.
Quiring, A.
Ribas, G.
Rizun, H.
Roy M.
Ryall, G.
Schenk, V.
Shea, G.
Shore, E.
Stanford, K.
St-Pierre, M.
Sutherland, J.
Taylor, G.
Verbeek, H.
Verbeek, K.
Walker, C.
Way, K.
Wheatley, B.
Willis, A (Sea to Sky Online)
Yeung-Meadows, B.
Zaklan, K.
Zaron, M.
Scramstad, H.
Seeman, S.
Watson, M.
Career Programs  
Daguerre, R.
Schenk, V
Education Assistants  
Buxton, M.
Levesque, M.
Maginot, N.
Milburn, T.
Ribas, G.
Sidhu, B.
Van der Werff, E.
First Nations Support  
Hamill, J.
Guss, L