Scholarship Information




Congratulations to our 2021 HSS Scholarship recipients and to our donors for their generous contributions.





May 24, 2022, at 7 PM, Eagle Eye Theatre


Recipients must attend presentation night to receive their awards.


Applications are due by 3:30 pm to School Office – Wednesday, March 9, 2022.





The HSS 2022 Scholarship Book will be published in February. It includes all scholarships available at the time of production.  Other opportunities may be available and will be advertised separately through school announcements and via email.





SCHOLARSHIP: based on academic merit or excellence in the area set out in the criteria.

BURSARY: based on demonstrated financial need as well as satisfactory academic achievement.

AWARD: not based on academic merit, but rather specific criteria as defined by the donor.


INTERNAL: Award code beings with “I”. These selections are made by the HSS Scholarship Committee.

EXTERNAL: Award code beings with “E”. These selections are made by the donor.  


APPLICATION FORMS:  To access the application forms, you must be using Google Chrome as a browser and be logged in to Google Chrome with your sd48 credentials (i.e.


INTERNAL SELECTION: Scholarship and Awards: ONLINE SUBMISSION ONLY via Google Forms. No transcripts, letters of reference or resumes are required nor will they be accepted. Separate Google Forms have been created for each item. Make sure you apply for the correct one. Google Forms will be submitted immediately but can be edited until the application closing time.


INTERNAL SELECTION – Bursaries:  Use the Google Doc form and submit it as a paper package to the office. Transcripts are not required and HSS teacher reference letters do not need to be on school letterhead.

HSS Bursary Form (make a copy)


EXTERNAL SELECTION – Scholarship, Bursaries, and Awards:  Use the Google Doc application form and submit it as a paper package to the office. If you wish to attach a separate resume package, you must do one for each application. Additional application forms, if specified in the criteria, will be available online through our HSS website. All external selection applications including all supporting documentation must be printed single-side only and attached with a paper clip (no staples). Applications that are not submitted in this manner will be returned to the applicant or incomplete packages may be sent to donors.   

HSS Bursary Form (make a copy)

HSS Scholarship And Awards Form (make a copy).

SLRD Area D Bursary Application Form  (complete in addition to the HSS Bursary form)


Please ensure you use the correct form.  Applications on the wrong form will not be accepted.

Proof of registration is not required for the application process. It is required to redeem funds once awarded.

All students applying for scholarships, awards and bursaries must complete this document which should include the name code of all the items you are applying for. One copy of this document per student must be printed and handed in to the office along with the individual applications.  



Student Transcript Service (STS) is an online application for students to view their school marks, scholarships and transcript, and send transcripts electronically.

You can use the StudentTranscripts service to:

  • View or order your secondary school transcript
  • Send your secondary school transcripts to post-secondary institutions
  • Order your graduation certificate
  • View your scholarships
  • View your provincial exam or graduation assessment results


STEP 1: Go to the Ministry of Education’s Transcript and Certificate web page at

STEP 2: Students must sign up for a BC Government account – a BCeID. Follow the system prompts and register for STS. Students will require their Personal Education Number  (PEN). Finally, log-in to Student Transcript Service using the BCeID.

STEP 3:  From a student’s STS dashboard, make post-secondary institution selections, view transcript, view assessment results and send transcripts immediately.