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School Overview


About Howe Sound Secondary School

Howe Sound Secondary School is a Grade 10 through 12 graduation school situated in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia. Howe Sound Secondary has a student population of approximately 830 students and offers excellent programs in the arts, service, academics and athletics.


Virtual Tour


Click here for a virtual tour of our school. The password to view the video is "squamish".


Mission Statement & School Goals


Students have a sense of belonging and connection, where they feel seen and
 heard, and their diverse identities are valued.

Our School Goals for this year are:

We will continue to work on making our assessment practice more transparent and authentic, through enhanced student choice in how they demonstrate their learning, teacher-student dialogue and descriptive feedback during the learning process.

We will use self-assessment of the competencies as a strategy for enhancing our students’ abilities to set goals for personal growth and development.