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Student Council


With the start of the new school year, the student council is already in the planning stage for many new events. This year, the council took a more inclusive approach and replaced the council voting system by welcoming any students interested in joining the council. The council will be reopening the mental health room in the upcoming weeks which is an inclusive environment and will give students a quiet place to relax during the lunch break. The mental health room is in room B110 and more information will be distributed to students. 
Additionally, the council recently organized a school club fair during lunch on October 27. At this event, all HSS clubs were given the opportunity to provide an overview to students interested in joining or getting to know more about their program. 
Our 2021-22 Student Council (pictured below) includes:
Ruby Armstrong – Ecology Commissioner
Sonoma Brawley – Co-Chair
Lucy Gill (not pictured) – Co-Chair
Jodh Ghuman – Secretary and Public Relations
Khan Han – International Representative
Ceilidh Lawton – Member at Large
Katie Moran – Vice-Chair and Public Relations
Jennibelle Lin - Treasurer
Kaitlyn Regehr – Grade 11 Representative
Evelyn Schoahs – Club Liason
Hannah Wilson – Member at Large
Anna Zhou – Member at Large
Sarah Van Eerdt– Grade 10 Representative